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This is our new blog! A place to learn what’s coming up at Center Stage, learn more about the groups performing here and other fun stuff.

During these challenging times, this blog keeps us connected, keeps you up to date, and helps us navigate this ever-changing new world together. Follow the Digital Arts Festival link in the upper right corner to see each of our daily featured artists. To submit and be part of the festival, see the link below.

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” 

Digital Arts Festival

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Center Stage Theater is pleased to announce our Digital Arts Festival running through the end of the stay at home order(at least at this point). During these challenging times we want to create an outlet for artists of all kinds to share their work, and for our audiences to get to know them. We will have dance, theater, music, film, visual arts, poetry, story telling, and who know what else! The Festival will also include interviews with art-makers, sharing their process as art-makers, both during the current time and in happier times. Each day we will feature a new artist. There will be a blog post featuring that artist and examples of their work. This may mean photos or videos of past works, it may be performances that are “in home videos” – scenes from the lockdown, if you will. Others will be previously recorded performances. We are including artists from all genres so there may be no performance but instead examples of visual art, or poetry, or other writing. Jim Sirianni will be interviewing each artist, and the videos of thse interviews will be posted to the blog by 7pm each day. The interviews will introduce you to the artist, their creative process, how they have been impacted by the quarantine and more. These are interesting times and we will be evolving and adapting as the landscape continues to change.

Follow our Instagram and Facebook for all the latest information on the Festival. If you are interested in submitting work or getting involved you can fill out this form or email your submissions or ideas to us at admin@centerstagetheater.org.

Come back to this blog to access the Festival events and information!