Day 32 – Ellyette Iverson/eji experiences

Jim Sirianni interview with Ellyette Iverson

ellyette “elly” iverson
owner | event producer

I am a Santa Barbara native with international style, having explored and lived in a variety of vibrant metropolis spaces like New York, DC, San Francisco, San Diego, Athens, Greece and Lima, Peru (to name a few!)

Those spaces provided me with access to a wide range of cosmopolitan trends and art experiences, which I have been eager to share and explore with the Santa Barbara region I call home. 

Through my event production compay, eji experiences, I have been working tirelessly to create new styles of events, with have ranged from body positive disco parties in contemporary art spaces, to wig-themed bar crawls hosted by drag queens, to block parties featuring up and coming mural artists, musicians, and merchant partners. 

These past few weeks have been absolutely reeling for everyone in the event world (and beyond!) but I believe that people still desire creative outlets and will seek ways to connect with their communities. I am currently exploring the virtual e-vent world and working to provide more resources for the freelance artist community on how to live-stream workshops and concerts during this time of physical isolation. 

Humans need interaction, and I am confident that unique social experiences will be in demand more than ever once safety concerns abate, but in the meantime I think it is critical to think creatively and provide resources for positive virtual interactions and culture sharing. 

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