Day 37 – Harout Aristakessian

Jim Sirianni interview with Harout

Professional Video Reel:

Like A Virgin Dance 

Growing up in Los Angeles as the son of Armenian immigrants, Harout Aristakessian, Founder & Artistic Director of the Dance with Harout (DWH) Performance Company, took his first hip-hop class at the age of ten and was soon identified as a prodigy.  At 14, he received a scholarship to the prestigious Millennium Complex Dance School whose alumni include Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, among others.  Harout started his professional choreography career at only 15, and was asked to co-choreograph and perform a piece live at the Solid Gold Anniversary Celebration.  By the time Harout was 18, he was working as a backup dancer, performing in music videos, and teaching classes at various dance studios throughout Los Angeles where he built a reputation as a talented and inclusive teacher.  

Harout moved to Santa Barbara in 2011 to attend UCSB and quickly built a large following due to his high-energy dance cardio classes and his unique passion in connecting people.  At this time, Harout saw the need in Santa Barbara for a new kind of dance company — one that was open to dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of dance experience, and started his business, “Dance with Harout”.  By 2017, Harout decided to re-connect with his former Los Angeles students and started teaching and directing his LA Performance Company, a sub-division of Dance with Harout.  His community of passionate dancers get to experience the life enriching journey of participating in a show from the early stages of choreography to dancing on stage in a professional production, and have grown throughout the years to over 400 members.   

Harout has performed all over Los Angeles at well-renowned venues from the Staples Center, to the Los Angeles Coliseum, to performing on television on the Disney Channel Show “So Random”, and being a backup dancer in Music Videos for Cody Simpson, and much more. For more information about Dance with Harout, follow along at AND  

Find DWH dance cardio class schedule and pop-up classes on social media, or email Harout at

Show information: 
June 13 & 19, 2020 at 8:00PM

“Fantasyland: Where Fantasy Meets Reality”

Enter the 2020 performance of Dance with Harout Performance Company’s “Fantasyland”, where the bridge between reality and fantasy become interchangeable.  A place where stereotypes are deconstructed and societal rules are broken.  A stage ensemble of dances reflecting the awareness of what your authentic-self fantasizes about and goes on to live and fully accept in reality. 

Tickets available at

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